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Norwood Junior High

Norwood Junior High

Programs & Services

The Counseling Department here at Norwood strives to provide comprehensive school counseling services to all students.  Below are services and delivery systems: 

Responsive Services: Consultation, individual and small group counseling, crisis counseling/response and referrals
  • Individual Counseling: The counselor available to meet with students on an individual basis for any social, emotional or academic concerns. Referrals are through staff, parent, peer or self.  Your counselor may also provide you with referrals for outside agencies that provide individual counseling services.
    Student Planning: Individual and/or group academic appraisal or advisement throughout academic school year.  Counselor also support student scheduling for junior high school and high school course selection.
School Guidance Curriculum: Counselors may visit your classroom during the school year to provide information about middle and high school planning, character education, etc.  These are coordinated with the counselor and teacher(s).

System Support: Includes providing professional development, consultation, collaboration and program management with teachers and administrators.  Counselors support students through the use of Student Study Team (SST) Meetings, 504 Accommodation Plan meetings, and I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan) meetings.