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Norwood Junior High

Norwood Junior High


Course Description:

Course Description:

Welcome to Student Leadership! This class acts as an organization of student leaders who plan and coordinate school functions such as: parent and community events, spirit assemblies, dances, fundraisers, academic achievement parties and more.  The Leadership classes encompass the duties of a student council (ASB).  Our class is composed of four elected officers. All class members, both elected and non-elected, serve on student council and vote on how school funds are spent.  These students demonstrate excellent citizenship, perform well academically, and are passionate about representing their fellow peers as well as school spirit. In addition, Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills as a leader in their school and classroom communities.
Grades and Participation:

Grades and Participation:

  • Participation: Students in leadership will need to demonstrate their commitment to being a leader through their participation in class and school and community events. It is essential that leadership students and their parents are aware of the time commitment and expectation that students will occasionally be on campus after school for meetings, fundraising, dances, sports and rally preparations.
  • Journals: Students are required to have a composition notebook (please bring to class no later than Monday 8/15/2016) to be used as their leadership journal. Students will keep all handouts, notes, observation records, reflections and other class materials in their leadership journal.
  • Projects: Students are required to complete a couple projects each semester. These projects will be time consuming and will require work outside of class. Projects will be individual and group based projects throughout the year. These projects will have high standard of expectations.
  • Community Service: Students enrolled in leadership class are required to complete 5 hours of community service each quarter. Service hours can be completed at school (outside regular school hours), church, community etc. Each hour completed is work 20 points for a total of 100 points each quarter. In order to receive credit students must complete a written summary of their service. Ideas and suggestions will for service opportunities will be given in class.


Students in this class are expected to act as role models on campus by maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA, behaving respectfully in their classes and promoting a positive school environment by having a positive attitude about leadership and school events.
Norwood Leadership Contract

Norwood Leadership Contract

As a Leadership student I will:

1. Follow all Norwood school rules.

2. Be a role Model for ALL students at Norwood throughout the day and after school.  

3. Build relationships with a diverse group of students at Norwood so that you can represent the needs/wants of our student population.

4. Collaborate and communicate respectfully with peers, teachers and all adults on

5. Follow through with assigned jobs and tasks.

6. Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA

7. Participate in all class discussions, projects, meetings and assignments.

8. Make good use of class time and remain productive.

9. Attend all leadership events (as possible)

10. Have a positive attitude and have fun!

* I understand that if I fail to comply with the above contract agreements, I will be put on Leadership probation. If I fail to improve after the probation period, I will be removed from the leadership elective.

 My parents/guardians and I have read the above syllabus and leadership contract. We understand and accept the responsibilities outlined.

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